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Flourish by kay floral studio

Flourish by Kay is a floral studio led by Kaylee Young that specializes in bespoke wedding & event floral design. The company is based out of Portland, OR, but travels worldwide to execute floral design for weddings and events across the globe.

Kaylee herself is a Florist with a love of curating and styling. She first found floral design when she took an aptitude test in college that revealed that a career as a Florist might be a good fit for her. After discovering that, she got a job at a small flower shop in her hometown and the rest is history! She fell in love with the fast-paced style of work, the requirement to think on her feet, the creative element of pairing flowers together and arranging them in a beautiful way, and the way she got to connect with people. She felt as if she had found her calling in life.

After working at the flower shop for a couple of years, Kaylee then went on to train with 3 of Martha Stewart's top floral designers in the United States. She spent years working alongside and traveling the world with these industry leaders, and in 2015 she started her own Floral Design Business, Flourish by Kay. She named her new business 'Flourish' to reflect how she is 'flourishing' or 'in her prime' when she is designing and working with flowers. Her mission is to help her clients feel understood and to help each of their events truly flourish.

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