How to build a Floral Arch with Mayesh Wholesale by Kaylee Young

As the Mayesh Design Star of 2018, I am releasing a new video each month that highlights some of my floral designs and my technique (and Mayesh's beautiful product of course!).

This month I got to use some of my all-time favorite Japanese flowers to create a beautiful floral arch. (perfect for a wedding ceremony). I love the way it turned out! 

Floral Supplier: Mayesh Wholesale 

Video: Talewind Visuals

Photography: Maria Lamb

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Ojai Inspiration Shoot by Kaylee Young

While I was assisting Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral at her wedding in Ojai, California, we met up with Mike Radford to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery there. We took photos in a beautiful mustard field, and I modeled our bouquets while wearing pretty dresses from shopgossamer.

Amy Osaba Workshop by Kaylee Young

Some snippets from my Iphone of my first time down south with some of the sweetest people. (most of the photos taken by me ---a few I stole from the Amy Osaba team!) Can't wait to see how Lauren Ballingit captured everything. 




Class with Tinge Floral by Kaylee Young

Ashley Beyer is hands down one of my favorite florists. I've been following her and her work for a couple of years now, (and I've also had kind of a girl crush on her,, just check my insta!) so I knew before I left Utah I had to take a class from her! It was so fun learning from her, along with another cute student, Eleanor Mika. AND THIS CLASS DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Ashley is so selfless, and she answered every single one of my questions with no hesitation. She had so much insight to share with me about my small business, and she helped me to make minor corrections in my design work that have made a world of difference for me. I'm so glad I invested in myself by taking this class. And, turns out Ashley was just as cool, if not cooler, in real life than she is on social media. I'm so glad I got to learn from her, and that I can now call her a friend, too! 

Check out our class below, beautiful imagery by D'Arcy Benincosa. 

Modeling by the Beautiful Annie Hicks, and dress by Emily Riggs Bridal. 

Learning from Sarah Winward by Kaylee Young

2 years ago for my Birthday (July 2014) my husband bought me a ticket to Sarah Winward's bouquet class in her Salt Lake studio. (Best gift I've ever received!!) It was such a game-changer! It was my first time arranging something with higher quality, unique blooms, and I felt so inspired afterwards. I also met 2 girls who I've since become great friends with. Nicole Land, of Soil and Stem, and Jamie Heusser. These girls have both helped and encouraged me with my business, and I am so grateful for their friendship in my life! (Oh, and I accidentally left before the group picture was taken. And I was like an hour early to the class. I was so excited!) Such a good day. 

A Day in the Studio by Kaylee Young

I was so excited to have Kae and Ales come to my Portland studio a couple of weeks ago to make some pretty arrangements. They are the sweetest and honestly SO GOOD at what they do! Check out their work here.  The talented Maria Lamb took photos for us, and the images are nothing short of breathtaking. Check out her website here. 

If you know me personally, you know that my move to Portland has been a challenge.  I was incredibly excited to move here, but it didn't prove to be as easy as a transition for me as I had thought it would be, especially for Flourish. I've really had to put a lot of time and effort into directing where I want my business to go, and re-learning small things like where I go to buy flowers, (or even where the grocery store is) and being patient with this process of starting a new life and starting up my business in a new location. These three girls were such a ray of sunshine in my life! They are so creative and kind, and inspired me to explore Portland more and do more with my business. So grateful for this fun day! 

Pretty Ales making arranging look effortless. 

Kae's beautiful piece. 

Lost in a Daydream..... by Kaylee Young

This shoot was featured on Utah Bride Blog a few months ago here:


But I wanted to share a few more of my favorite images from this shoot; it has been one of my favorites so far.  I'm really inspired by color in every part of my life, to a point where I almost annoy myself and throw  everything colorful in my closet away and only buy black clothes. I want to be a minimalist so bad you guys, but I'm not sure if it's in me. If anyone wants to give me lessons in that, please message me. 

 BUT ANYWAYS flowers have been such a fun way explore color palettes for me. I love the way the soft lavender and peach came together. It felt very creamy to me, which is one of the reasons I wanted to incorporate milk. Evelyn was the perfect photographer for this shoot. I love her photography; I feel like she captures femininity and wonder at the same time. Anyways, words aren't my forte, so here are some pictures....



Evelyn Eslava Photography

Brynn Thomas Makeup

Taylor Young Model 

Flourish Floral Design 

Youdoll Design Paper Goods

Lynette Refined Vintage Rentals 




Welcome to my site! I am so excited to be starting my business this year. It's been a dream of mine for a long time, and I cannot wait to show you what I have in store for the coming year. 

About me....

My name is Kaylee, and I'm a floral designer from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

I've always had a knack for design, but it wasn't until I found flowers that I truly began to flourish. I am in my prime when I arrange, the same as a flower when it's flourishing. I feel I really came into my personal style when I learned to express myself with flowers as a medium, and ever since then I've been inspired by beautiful product, a love of the city, fashion, and design.

I'm passionate about creating unique florals for weddings and events. My favorite part about weddings is how intimately personal they are. I focus on incorporating each couple's personality into planning their special day, and I want to bring my love of flowers and design to the table to help others realize the vision they have for their wedding. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you bring your dreams to life.