Class with Tinge Floral / by Kaylee Young

Ashley Beyer is hands down one of my favorite florists. I've been following her and her work for a couple of years now, (and I've also had kind of a girl crush on her,, just check my insta!) so I knew before I left Utah I had to take a class from her! It was so fun learning from her, along with another cute student, Eleanor Mika. AND THIS CLASS DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Ashley is so selfless, and she answered every single one of my questions with no hesitation. She had so much insight to share with me about my small business, and she helped me to make minor corrections in my design work that have made a world of difference for me. I'm so glad I invested in myself by taking this class. And, turns out Ashley was just as cool, if not cooler, in real life than she is on social media. I'm so glad I got to learn from her, and that I can now call her a friend, too! 

Check out our class below, beautiful imagery by D'Arcy Benincosa. 

Modeling by the Beautiful Annie Hicks, and dress by Emily Riggs Bridal.